Raise more by selling sponsorship packages

Sell multiple sponsorship packages

List multiple sponsorship packages and clarify the perks for each. Indicate to your sponsors which packages are available and how many of each are left. List an unlimited amount of sponsorship packages to drive more engagement.

Inventory Management

Easily control the quantity available for each sponsorship. If you need to cancel a sponsor, you can easily do that in your sponsorship reporting. Canceled sponsors will be added back to the quantity available to make sure you keep an accurate count of your inventory.

Add an Additional Donation on check out

Flipcause gives sponsors the opportunity to add an additional donation on top of their fixed price sponsorship package, and many do! Although it’s charged in a single order, we separate each section on their receipt for easy tax accounting.

Automated Tax Receipts and Order confirmations

The importance of thanking your sponsors in a timely manner can't be emphasized enough. Not only does Flipcause deliver an instant confirmation and additional information - we thank them for you! We also calculate the market value of the sponsorship to ensure your supporters get accurate tax deductible information.

Customizable Sponsorship Forms

Collect any information you want for each sponsorship package, such as logo or print copy. With custom fields, you can get additional clarification on special instructions. Whatever data you need, Flipcause can collect it for you and store it in your online store reporting.

Recognize Sponsors in the Gallery

Upload sponsor logos in the photo gallery included with Flipcause campaign pages. You can also upload images from a previous sponsorship event to highlight the impact sponsors have had on your organization

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