Activate your network with a Crowdfunding campaign

Emergency Appeals & Giving Days

Set up a crowdfunding campaign in minutes if an emergency appeal comes up. Spend a little more time to set up the perfect campaign with additional tools for a specific giving day. Whatever your needs, Flipcause has you covered.

Fully Customizable Page Design

With our powerful design features, you can have your crowdfunding page look exactly how you need it. With custom header logos, colors, and fonts, your crowdfunding campaign will work seamlessly with your brand.

Progress Meter and End Dates

Do you have a specific time frame in which you need to raise the money - for example a time sensitive matching grant, or an emergency need for funds? You can easily indicate your goals and end dates to increase the sense of urgency for your campaign.

Expand your reach

Built in social sharing tools help promote your crowdfunding page across your network. Campaigns are shareable across social media channels to ensure more people hear about it. After someone contributes to the campaign they are given even more opportunities to share with their networks.

Automated Thank-Yous and Confirmations

The importance of thanking your supporters in a timely manner can't be emphasized enough. Along with delivering an instant confirmation and additional information - we thank them for you! If the contributions are tax deductible, we’ll handle that too.

Activate Multiple engagement tools

Why stop with just donations? With Flipcause’s multi-tool campaigns you can add more contribution types for increased supporter engagement. From rewards and an online store to volunteer opportunities. More engagement opportunities leads to more impact and funds raised.

Launch reward-based and peer-to-peer crowdfunding campaigns in minutes for focused initiatives


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